“Hawaiian in Red” by Heaven-Lee Asato

Posted: December 31, 2014 in Vol. 6: Fall Essays 2014

red_coatShe’s not your average little Red.
“She’s promiscuous!” That’s what they said.
Walking around in Hawaii with her head held high,
You’ll see her in her red high heels walking by.

At first she’ll seem innocent and cute,
but then you’ll understand why she’s mute.
A person’s past will tell you what…
might have happened that made them a nut.

Long ago you see,
she went off to be
at her grandma’s house,
in her bright red blouse.

Her mother had asked her to bring her grandma food,
but Hawaiian Red was not in a good mood.
She refused at first to go to grandma’s house.
Her mother didn’t take no for an answer and grabbed her by her blouse.

“Get going, Hawaiian Red,
Hurry of to grandma’s bed.
She is waiting for your arrival,
Now go, for she’s needing this basket to help her revival.”

She didn’t want to go cause she knew he would know
Where she would be and where she would go.
She had aspired for the attention,
from a man she had never mentioned.

She met him on the internet.
He was devious and refused to take reject.
She talked to the big bad Elvis,
who would only talk about what hung from his pelvis.

Her mother warned her to be safe on the internet,
but she was addicted to it like it was a cigarette.
She talked to as many men as she could,
till big bad Elvis took her childhood.

She agreed to go to grandma’s house
wearing her showy little red blouse.
The whole world could see what she tried to cover,
which is supposed to only be seen by her intimate lover.

Before she left she messaged him
saying that she’s going to grandma’s for a quick spin.
Elvis took this as an invite,
and scurried off out of sight.

She began to run the North Shore streets,
to get to her grandma’s which was between the two creeks.
While on her way she heard a peep,
It was Elvis driving in his red jeep.

He called out, “Hawaiian Red, get in the car,
and we’ll enjoy each other’s time while sitting at the bar.”
“No, I can’t. I really have to go,”
But Elvis refused to take the answer: No.

He called out again,
“Red I need you, I said.”
“What do you need me for,
I’m almost at my grandmother’s door.”

“Come to my house
and take off your blouse.”
“I refuse to do that!
I thought this was just a chat.”

“I know we had more,” he said.
“We connected deeper in my head.”
Hawaiian Red said, “I’m sorry, I’m still too young.”
She was sixteen and didn’t know the power of her tongue.

She continued on in a faster pace,
but she was still scared and pale in the face.
Hoping that he wouldn’t follow
She took the short cut through the creepy hallows.

He followed her all the way
till she was almost there, and he took her astray.
He knocked her out and dragged her to the car,
and took her to his house which wasn’t that far.

He got to his house but then she awoke,
she tried to run but her bones, he broke.
At that moment she remembered what her mother always said,
“Be careful on the internet, my Little Red.”

Written for Dr. Carmen Nolte-Odhiambo’s ENG 100T: Basic Composition Skills


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