“Poison, Passion, and Puppets” and “Buoyant Stones” by Kanani Marcos

Posted: June 14, 2016 in Vol. 8: Creative Writing

Poison, Passion, and Puppets


Your didgeridoo like laughter poisons the air

Seeps through my skin cells

Tiptoes within my veins

Leaches on my organs

Slowly suffocates my heart

Smothers my defenses and contaminates my every thought

Now I am infected and you are the bacteria

I am weak as a newborn against the influence you hold

Your crinkled eyes have the power to turn me to stone

Your molasses smile stops my breath

Your feline touches scorch my skin and ruddy my cheeks

Your glacier voice splinters in my ears and makes my bones shiver

Stop all your manipulations I never wanted to be anyone’s puppet

Don’t stare too long into my eyes

Or I’ll be set adrift in a reverie of robin eggs

Never surprise me with a smile

Or I’ll ponder over your fangs that tear at my logic

Please don’t lean on and prod my bubble

Or it will burst and I’ll be left with phantom touches and embers beneath my skin

I am a marionette made of flesh

You are the marionettist

Blindly pulling my strings up and down side to side

My heart in hand

Don’t squeeze too hard or tangle the cords

As this dark room blinds you I hope no light bulbs flicker

I wish only for an ephemeral intermission

From your heedless routine

To reel my strings back in





Buoyant Stones


A heart doesn’t break

There is no fracture down the middle

There is only a weightless stone where a beating organ once lived

My heartbreak is not as fast as lightning or as loud as thunder

Its violence is not so obvious

It’s not a flash flood warning that sweeps me away

It’s not as sudden as an avalanche or as slow a burn as lava

It’s a silent and slow tsunami

My coffee grounds confirm my suspicions

I know the natural disaster is coming

I should be running for a path to the sky

Where I would be untouchable and watch as the water skulks closer

I don’t race for the sky

I amble toward the shore

Not a drop of dread trickles through my mind

I sit and lounge on the golden pillows that smell of salt

My heart calm and steady like the palm trees

The water kisses my feet but gets more daring as the tidal wave draws closer

Slithering up my body like a serpent ready to sink its fangs into my aorta

The glacier water seeps past my skin cells

Creeps through my veins and anesthetizes me inside and out

The ocean with its bottomless stomach swallows me whole

A hollow stone floats to the choppy surface



Written for Dr. David N. Odhiambo’s ENG 313: Intro to Creative Writing







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